The Republic of Singapore is located on the Malay Peninsula and reaches out across around 40 adjacent islands most of which have beautiful tropical beaches that due to their proximity to the equator are warm and great for swimming and diving all year round.

Beguiling Singapore is a modern city-state embracing economic progress against the backdrop of age-old tradition. The customs that underpin community life are created out of a cultural mix that includes predominantly Chinese, Indian and Malay ethnic groups.

Singapore is a land of stark contrast, from one of the sleekest cleanest cities in the world you can also find authentic asian foods and goods for a very reasonable price. Singapore is quite possibly the only city in the world famous for making the sale and chewing of gum illegal, and regulating the length of male haricuts in some places. Shopping is very cheap in Singapore and many of the more expensive holiday activities such as Scuba Diving and yachting can be found for a very affordable price from reputable professionals in the field.

It is also called a “fine” city, as fines are levied for spitting, jaywalking, littering and smoking in air-conditioned public places including restaurants. The sale and importation of chewing gum is also banned. Most Singaporeans do not live in the city centre, but in vast high-rise government housing estates spread around the island and rarely visited by tourists. The water is safe to drink. Drugs are illegal and there is an automatic death penalty for drug traffickers.


There is something for everyone, local traditions, history, cultural mix; a restful holiday or just shop-till-you-drop. The country is well-suited to those looking for a gentle introduction to Asia, it is completely Westernised.

Hotels are mainly located in the area from Orchard Road through to Marina Square. Most are high-rise (at least one has over 70 floors) and the broad choice ranges from the famous Raffles hotel to cheaper options in Chinatown and Little India.

During the daytime attractions include golf , public tennis and squash courts, privately run gyms. Spectator sports including football, cricket, rugby and horse racing. Water sports – wind surfing, canoeing, sailing and water-skiing along the SE coast, Changi and Punggol.

Orchard Road is a shopper’s heaven. Around a mile of glossy shopping centres sell all big designer names (but often for similar prices as UK) as well as cheaper imitations. Shops selling cameras, watches and stereo systems abound. To see the real Singapore, visit People’s Park in Chinatown (Chinese department stores and cheaper shops), Little India and Arab Street. Most shops open mid-morning and close around 9pm, 365 days of the year.

Evening brings an array of activity especially in larger hotels, many bars and coffee shops. UK style nightclubs attracting big-name DJs from London and New York, theme bars.

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