Hong Kong


Hong Kong situated on the SE coast of China (it is 1,200 miles S of Beijing, 114 miles S of Guangzhou (Canton). Airport 21 miles NW of central Kowloon), is a territory straddling two worlds. Since the handover in 1997, Hong Kong has become a ‘Special Administrative Region (SAR)’ of China and no longer part of British sovereignty. The past and present merge together to create a capitalist utopia embedded within the world’s largest Communist country.

Hong Kong can almost be regarded as two cities. On Hong Kong Island, the densely packed skyscrapers rise from the water’s edge up the hillside and overlook the harbour and the broad flat peninsula of Kowloon on the other side. North of Kowloon lie the largely rural and mountainous New Territories (which comprise 70% of Hong Kong’s land area) and, beyond this area, the border with the rest of China. Beyond the mainland are the Outlying Islands comprising of 234 islands.


Hong Kong caters for all types and all nationalities. Ideal for shopaholics and those wanting a gateway to the rest of China. The accommodation here is mainly large international-style hotels with high categories and prices to match. It is essentially aimed at business clientele. Few hotels have a true garden setting although most are fully double glazed and soundproofed against noise and bustle.

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