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Beijing (formerly Peking) has been the stop–start capital of China since the Mongol Yuan dynasty. Beijing is one of China’s true ancient citadels. It is also an aspiring, confident and modern city... Read More

Koh Samui

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Koh Samui, Thailand’s third largest island, behind Phuket and Koh Chang, lies off the south-eastern coast of Thailand. It has been known for its luxuriant beaches and crystal seas since the firs... Read More

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong situated on the SE coast of China (it is 1,200 miles S of Beijing, 114 miles S of Guangzhou (Canton). Airport 21 miles NW of central Kowloon), is a territory straddling two worlds. Since ... Read More


Bali is a small island across the strait at the eastern end of Java, the main island- it’s a three-hour flight from Singapore. Bali has the Indian Ocean on the south and the Bali Sea on the nort... Read More


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Thailand’s capital is divided by the Chao Phraya River and is nestled in one of the world’s most fertile rice-producing deltas. Bangkok’s 579 square miles (1,500 sq km) are criss-cro... Read More


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The Republic of Singapore is located on the Malay Peninsula and reaches out across around 40 adjacent islands most of which have beautiful tropical beaches that due to their proximity to the equator a... Read More


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The Maldives an archipelago of 26 major coral atolls, situated SW of Sri Lanka. A small percentage of the islands are inhabited and 87 are exclusively resorts, boasting tropical landscapes hugged by p... Read More