Ayers Rock


Ayers Rock is one of Australia’s most visited sights with more than ½ million people visiting it each year but Apart from sticking out like a sore thumb, Uluru, as it called by its reinstated Aboriginal owners, is most famous for its ever changing colors particularly at sunrise and sunset.

This major holiday attraction has evolved into a holiday resort ‘Ayers Rock Resort’ (also known as Yulara) measures about 1½ miles from N to S and has all the facilities of a small town as well as accommodation of all standards, a visitor center and a tourist office.

Designed to blend in with the surrounding desert, the resort is primarily red and ochre in colour and much thought has gone into conservation in an area which receives almost too many visitors. It is important to remember Ayers Rock is sacred to the local Aborigines who ask that people do not climb it, although this is not enshrined in law. It is worth remembering that people have died climbing the Rock and that sensible precautions should be taken before starting up it.


Ayers Rock and the ‘Ayers Rock Resort’ are located right in the center of Australia, on the S edge of Northern Territory. 290 miles SW of Alice Springs. The resort itself is 10 miles from Ayers Rock (Uluru), 4 miles S of the domestic airport, connected by shuttle buses to the resort. The Ayers rock resort lie in the middle of scrubby desert of red sand with a few sparse trees and spinifex (Australian grasses); Ayers Rock looms in the distance, 34 miles from the dome-like Olgas (Kata Tjuta).

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